How is it available for free?

If you currently heat your home with electric, coal or wood, under the Government backed ECO Scheme, you could have your home upgraded to have gas central heating (including mains gas connection) or LPG central heating, which is more convenient, more cost effective and better for the environment!

The ECO scheme was set up by the UK Government to reduce our country’s carbon footprint & help low-income families improve the energy efficiency of their homes and reduce their fuel bills.

Find out if you are eligible for a grant by completing our online form today. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Find out if you are eligible for a grant by completing our online form today. You’ve got nothing to lose!

No Benefits required

LA FLEX! As the qualifying criteria is defined by your Local Authority, this has allowed local councils to extend the criteria beyond household income and benefits received.

Whats included with heating grants...

Brand new top of the range air source heat pump

Smart digital thermostat

Brand New Radiators

What are the benefits of an ASHP?

No one enjoys living in a cold home. This is even more frustrating if you happen to be paying high energy bills every month. With an air source heat pump (ASHP) you can save money on your energy bills whilst reducing your environmental impact. This is because ASHP’s use 70% of air and only 30% of electricity to run the system and heat your home. With free insulation to contain the heat and free solar panels to help with your electric bills to protect you from rising energy bills.

Still, you might be hesitant to upgrade due to financial concerns. The good news is that through LA Flex you may be able to help to get the whole system installed 100% free, just enter your postcode and see if you qualify.


hundreds of pounds a year


save the environment


nice & warm all year round


the value of your home

How much can you save with a new heating system?

You could save up to 30% per year off your energy bills by replacing your old inefficient heating system to a brand new renewable central heating system.